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October 06 2017

Somewhere in the ForrestShown at 400 percent.

March 04 2017

Commodore Logo in 3DDon your stereoscopic red/cyan glasses for...
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February 17 2017

Narita Boy Game TrailerBy Studio KobaI stumbled upon this game...

Narita Boy Game Trailer
By Studio Koba

I stumbled upon this game trailer and promptly fell in love with it. The dev team is naming games like Another World and Double Dragon as an inspiration source for this project. Sounds promising – I’ll follow this project closely.

Narita Boy’s Kickstarter starts on 21st of February 2017.

More infos here: 

January 24 2017

Planet Of The Apes / Statue Of Liberty SceneShown at 300...
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January 22 2017

V.I.N.CENT. L.F.396 (The Black Hole)Shown at 300 percent.

December 31 2016

Happy New Year!Dear followers,time is running …2017 is...

December 24 2016

Merry X-mas!

November 18 2016

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siriusrising-devblog:WIP : SIRIUS RISING, Third Cutscene Image...
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November 04 2016

The Penrose Triangle in 3DDon your stereoscopic red/cyan glasses...

October 30 2016


October 23 2016

Haunted HouseShown at 400 percent.Have a creepy Halloween! :) 

October 01 2016

Somewhere in NevadaShown at 400 percent.

September 13 2016

Tintin RocketShown at 400 percent.
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September 09 2016

Yuri A. Gagarin / Ю́рий А. Гага́ринShown at 300 percent.

August 28 2016

EDGE SPECIAL EDITION : The Art of The PixelThe Edge Magazine...

August 27 2016

Ice-Cream, Please!
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August 17 2016

swiggityswagdad: 12,400 stitches, 14 colors. I didn’t think I’d...
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August 01 2016

PoltergeistShown at 300 percent.

July 30 2016

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